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Hiring and retaining quality workers is difficult. That is why a good hire starts with an excellent job description. Here you'll find ready-to-use bar job descriptions that you can use as-is or modify them to suit your particular bar.

Having a job description for each job in your bar allows you to:

  • be clear with each employee what the full responsibilities of each position entails

  • helps you determine what skills and experience to look for when interviewing prospective job candidates

  • have on file a record of required responsibilities in case of employment hearings or issues arising from termination or end of employment

  • prevent employees from adopting an "it's not my job" stance

    Each bar job description can be downloaded immediately in the Microsoft Word (doc) format.

    Please click on the below links to access the following bar job descriptions:

    General Manager Job Description

    Bar Manager Job Description

    Bartender Job Description

    Barback Job Description

    Bar Server Job Description

    Bar Host/Hostess Job Description

    Bus Person Job Description

    Kitchen Staff Job Description

    Bar Security Job Description