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Bar Operations and Management

To effectively manage your bar operations you need to handle the numerous issues that come your way.

Ignore or handle some these issues the wrong way and you'll find yourself bogged down fixing preventable problems or find yourself leaving money (and profits) on the table.

Fortunately you're not alone - these are issues that every bar deals with.

We can give you solutions to help bring your pour costs under control, keep your overhead costs to a necessary minimum, manage your cash procedures, and provide advice on day-to-day bar operations.

The key to managing your bar is to have proven systems in place that allow you to have a streamlined operation.

We'll share with your tactics and strategies other bar owners use to operate their bars and nightclubs.

In this department you'll find a wide range of management and operation issues covered, from setting up a cleaning schedule to how to prevent glass breakage.

Most importantly, you'll find proven and tested management tactics and strategies that you can implement right away.

Beverage Markup and Gross Profit Table Beverage Markup and Gross Profit Table
Knowing what your markup and gross profit is on every beverage you sell is essential in determining what your selling price should be. Use this extensive table to quickly determine how profitable a selling price will be based on your input cost more>>

Credit Card Processing for Bars and Restaurants
We are proud to recommend National Bankcard as a premier merchant account provider specializing in credit card payment processing solutions for the bar and restaurant industry. They are recognized more>>

Required Bartender Procedures Required Bartender Procedures
Taking firm control of exactly how and how much liquor gets poured with each drink and how cash must be handled and rung up with each sale is vital to reducing bartender theft and maximizing your profits. Use the Required Bartender Procedures to communicate with your staff so that there is no confusion or possible misunderstanding more>>

How to Increase Profits By Adding Combo Items to Your Menu How to Increase Profits By Adding Combo Items to Your Menu
Customers value "combo meals" highly and are less resistant to price when ordering them. If you don't have combo items on your menu, you're leaving profits on the table. Learn the different combo menu options and which ones are right for you to roll out in your bar more>>

Music Licensing for Bars and Restaurants: What You Need to Know Music Licensing for Bars and Restaurants: What You Need to Know
If you play recorded or live music in your bar, you need to be fully aware of all music licensing requirements. The price of not knowing and complying when required opens your business to legal clams by music rights holders such as ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC that could be very costly if your are sued more>>

Bar Manager Hour by Hour Checklist Bar Manager Hour by Hour Checklist
If your manager is overwhelmed by tasks or doesn't know where to start, nothing productive gets done. Instead of letting events get out of hand, set some guidelines to help determine the day's tasks. Use the Bar Manager Hour by Hour Checklist to cover the specific tasks the manager needs do to throughout the day so that your bar runs the way you want more>>

Bar Cash Management: Essential Daily Cash Procedures for Your Bar Bar Cash Management: Essential Daily Cash Procedures for Your Bar
Are you taking care of the daily cash coming into your business? If you're not then you have a serious issue that need attention. Follow these essential daily cash procedures to control your money and prevent a cash loss from happening more>>

How to Quickly Create and Roll Out a Food Allergy Plan For Your Bar How to Quickly Create and Roll Out a Food Allergy Plan For Your Bar
With 12 million Americans affected by food allergies, chances are some of these people are already your customers. If you don't have food allergy plan in place, you're at risk for liability issues relating to allergy incidents. Use our food allergy guide to create a viable plan for your bar on how your staff should handle customers with food allergies more>>

Bar Sponsorship and Donation Form Bar Sponsorship and Donation Form
From time to time your bar will be approached about sponsoring or donating items to charitable organizations or events. Use the Bar Sponsorship and Donation Form for requesting sponsorships to make it easier for you to access relevant information and make your decision whether to sponsor or not more>>

Bartender Sidework Completion Checklist Bartender Sidework Completion Checklist
During the course of every bartender shift your bartenders need to clean, stock, and prepare the bar for customers and for upcoming shifts. Having a written checklist keeps your bartenders focused on exactly what needs to be done and will make their day easier and your operation run more efficiently. Use the Bartender Sidework Completion Checklist to ensure what needs to be done gets completed more>>

Your Biggest Draft Beer Problems Solved:  How To Fix Your Draft Beer Problems and Make More Profits From Selling It Your Biggest Draft Beer Problems Solved: How To Fix Your Draft Beer Problems and Make More Profits From Selling It
Do you have problems with foamy beer, "off" tasting beer or are you just not making the money you should from this profitable product? Find simple solutions to your most frustrating beer problems and start making the profits you should from draft beer more>>

Bar Revenue Management: Proven Ways to Increase Your Sales 3% to 5% Bar Revenue Management: Proven Ways to Increase Your Sales 3% to 5%
Most bars do not operate at peak efficiency during their busiest times. This results in additional sales and profits being lost each day due to the failure to follow a few key revenue management strategies. Learn several specific revenue enhancing steps successful bars are using to increase sales from 3% to 5% and that cost almost nothing to roll out more>>

Customer Suggestion Cards Customer Suggestion Cards
Smart bar owners listen to their customer's suggestions use them to encourage customer loyalty and come up with ways to increase customer satisfaction. Print and distribute the Customer Suggestion Cards to collect valuable information and ideas from your customers more>>

Monthly Bar Maintenance Checklist Monthly Bar Maintenance Checklist
Performing regular maintenance on your bar's facility and equipment will help ensure that things are working properly and efficiently as well as provide a safe environment for your employees and guests. The Monthly Bar Maintenance Checklist will help you know what to check at your bar and how frequently you need to check it more>>

Emergency Insurance Coverage Checklist Emergency Insurance Coverage Checklist
Lack of appropriate insurance in severe weather, power outage, flood or fire can be financially devastating for your bar. And most companies discover that they are not properly insured only after they have suffered a loss. Use the Emergency Insurance Coverage Checklist to make sure that your bar is covered when emergency situations occur more>>

Monthly Fire Protection Checklist Monthly Fire Protection Checklist
Risk of fire at your bar is a real danger. And not having a functioning fire protection system can cripple your bar in a fire emergency. Use the Monthly Fire Protection System Checklist to ensure that all fire systems are properly working and are updated when needed on a weekly, monthly or annual basis more>>

Bar Pre-Shift Meeting Topics Bar Pre-Shift Meeting Topics
Pre-shift meetings give your managers/supervisors the opportunity to discuss with your staff numerous relevant topics to improve your operation, customer service, and profitability. Use the Bar Pre-Shift Meeting Topics to have a variety of topics to choose from that will keep your staff from getting bored with what's discussed and keep your meetings fresh more>>

Fire Hazard Prevention Checklist Fire Hazard Prevention Checklist
Fire is one of the most devastating things that can happen to your bar. Make your establishment safer by eliminating fire hazards and checking them regularly. Use the Fire Hazard Prevention Checklist to go over areas with possible fire hazards and take the appropriate action to eliminate them more>>

Medical Emergency Action Sheet Medical Emergency Action Sheet
Choking, heart attack, allergic reaction or any number of medical emergencies could happen to your staff or customers while they are in your bar. Having proper procedures for handling medical emergencies will help prevent liability for your bar and calm chaos when an emergency occurs. Use the Medical Emergency Action Sheet to develop a plan for medical emergencies at your bar more>>

Bar Manager Checklist for Cashing Out
Closing out your bartenders and servers at the end of the day can be a busy time for your bar manager. If you're not careful, mistakes can be made during important shift closing duties. Use the Bar Mangager Checklist for Cashing Out to help prevent mistakes from occuring and to make sure that all shift checkout duties are performed properly more>>

Bar Alcohol Service Policy Bar Alcohol Service Policy
In addition to alcohol service training for you staff, you also need to have a written alcohol policy for your bar. An alcohol policy helps to make alcohol service guidelines clear and to protect your bar from liability. Use the Bar Alcohol Service Policy as a template for creating an alcohol service policy in your bar more>>

How to Significantly Reduce Employee Turnover in Your Bar How to Significantly Reduce Employee Turnover in Your Bar
Employee turnover is expensive, both in money and lost time. Hiring and replacing employees can be a drain on your management resources. Fortunately, you can improve your employee retention rates with some directed effort. Learn the warning signs to look for and what to do to in order to retain the employees you want to keep so that your staffing functions smoothly more>>

Pour Cost Percentage Worksheet Pour Cost Percentage Worksheet
Your bar's pour costs are always something that can be improved, but you can't gauge and improve those percentages unless you have a clear picture of what your pour costs are for different products. Use the Pour Cost Percentage Worksheet to help you take basic figures (like purchases and gross sales) and determine your pour cost percentage for liquor, wine or beer more>>

Bar Daily Sales Spreadsheet Bar Daily Sales Spreadsheet
Tracking daily sales is essential with your day to day cash flow management and also helps you to compare the success of different shifts, days of the week and different promotions that you may be running at your bar. Use the Daily Sales Spreadsheet to track daily gross and net sales in your bar more>>

Ice Machine Cleaning Instructions Ice Machine Cleaning Instructions
Your ice machine can become contaminated with bacteria that can make your customers sick, so keeping it clean is extremely important. Use the Ice Machine Cleaning Instructions as a guide for your employees so that they know all the steps to clean and sanitize the ice machine properly more>>

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