Customizable cocktail server training manual
Customizable cocktail server training manual


In order to get consistent results from your staff, it's essential to have your employees all pulling in the same direction using the same standards and operating knowledge.

The Cocktail Server Training Manual will save you countless number of hours and frustration researching and scouring the internet trying to put together your own manual.

Our Cocktail Server Training Manual is complete and ready to use immediately (just add your logo and bar name and you're all set). You can also use it as a template and customize it as you see fit for your bar's operations.

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The Cocktail Server Training Manual covers the following:

  • delivering excellent customer service

  • greeting the customer

  • suggestive selling and how to sell the upsell

  • how to take the order

  • serving multiple tables

  • pre-bussing and bussing tables

  • shift changes

  • handling customer complaints

  • fixing order problems

  • ways to increase tips

  • checking for id's

  • alcohol awareness

  • blood alcohol content training

  • when to slow or refuse alcohol service

  • how to handle underage customers

  • proper bar terminology

  • drink garnishes

  • attendance and tardiness

  • server do's and don'ts

  • opening, ongoing, and closing responsibilities

  • how to handle waste, spillage, and comps

  • consequences of employee theft

  • serving beverages

  • proper timing of orders

  • how to handle large parties

  • training manual consists of 49 pages relating specifically to the cocktail server position

  • is professionally designed and ready to use