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Bar Opening and Closing Checklists

In order to get consistent results from your staff, it's essential to have your employees all pulling in the same direction using the same standards and operating knowledge.

Use the opening and closing checklists to give your staff specific instructions on what needs to be done during opening and closing so that your operation is run in a consistent and efficient manner.

Using checklists puts staff members on the same page as to what their responsibilities are and makes the management of your bar run much smoother.

Our opening and closing checklists are complete and ready to use immediately. You can also use it as a template and customize it as you see fit for your bar's operations.

Each opening and closing checklist can be downloaded immediately in the Microsoft Word (doc) format.

Click on the below links to access the following checklists:

Opening Checklists

Bar Manager Opening Checklist

Bar Manager Hour by Hour Checklist

Bartender Opening Checklist

Server Opening Checklist

Host/Hostess Opening Checklist

Busperson Opening Checklist

Middle of Day Checklists

Bar Shift Change Checklist

Rush Preparation Checklist

Server Sidework Completion Checklist

Bartender Sidework Completion Checklist

Closing Checklists

Bar Manager Closing Checklist

Bar Manager Checklist for Cashing Out

Bartender Closing Checklist

Server Closing Checklist

Host/Hostess Closing Checklist

Busperson Closing Checklist